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ABOUT Te Slaa Pallets

At Te Slaa Pallets, you can always count on top-quality pallets. We consistently deliver high-quality pallets thanks to our in-house repair process. With us, you’re guaranteed not only exceptional quality but also quick delivery and the best price!

What we do:

  • Pallet Purchasing
  • Pallet Sales
  • Repair Centre


Te Slaa Pallets is your reliable partner for buying and selling various types of pallets. We offer both wooden and plastic pallets, including Euro pallets, block pallets, CP pallets, H1 plastic pallets, and pallets with collars. Most of our pallets are pre-used, making them not only more affordable but also more environmentally friendly.

  • EPAL Euro pallets
  • CP pallets
  • Block pallets
  • H1 pallets
  • Pallets with collars


All pallets we sell are of the highest quality. If a pallet does not meet our quality standards, it is sent to our repair centre. There, we repair Euro pallets, block pallets, and CP pallets. With our extensive stock and own transport, we always ensure fast delivery. We deliver pallets throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. 

Custom pallets

Need a custom-made pallet? You’re in the right place at Te Slaa Pallets. In our repair centre, we produce various custom pallet types. If you need an unusual size, we’ll specially make the pallet to your desired dimensions. Request a custom quote and always receive the best price from us!

Specific requirements?

Looking for a specific type of pallet? No problem! Upon request, we can supply any desired pallet. Thanks to our extensive network and our expertise and experience, we know exactly where to find the best pallets. We can deliver nearly all types and sizes of wooden and plastic pallets. Please contact us for more information.